Wine Night – Blind Tasting

A few weeks ago I posted about organizing a Wine Club. I took my own tutorial and advice and put it to action, sort of… 😉

Per usual we were getting together on a week night, which I love (breaks up the week) but that means every thing gets thrown together very quickly.

Here are my 5 tips:

1.) Make the labels to hide the existing wine labels on Canva – it’s super easy and there is an entire set of templates dedicated for “labels”.

2.) Use brown paper as your tablecloth and tablescape feel – I grabbed a sharpie and noted what was what as pictured below.

3.) Use what you have! This is a mantra I apply to all hosting to keep it as easy as possible. On this night I grabbed succulents from my desk as a centerpiece and snacks from my kitchen…

4.) Decided on a budget – 5 bottles of wine can add up! I went for 2 reds, 2 whites and a rose, with a $60 budget and shopped for bottles on sale!

5.) Make your friends guess! It’s really fun to guess what kind of red or white and see who “has the most refined palette” 😉 Although when I complimented my friends on their knack for guessing correctly, by saying “you’re really good at this” they didn’t take it as the compliment I had intended it be 😛

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