Friday Thoughts

Random thoughts. In no particular order for those who think at this point in the week that they have reached the end of the internet, are more then checked out and mentally in weekend mode.

1. There are two girl scout cookie bakeries. No, you are not crazy, some packages taste different then others. (I KNEW IT! I prefer the softer thin mints to the flakey ones. I thought for sure it was just another processed food that they’d stripped to be “healthy” 😛 ) Read more here, but basically depending on who you order from and where their order gets fulfilled impacts the taste and name!
2. Hopper App – game changer friends. This app helps you determine airfare prices and when you should book for the best rate.
Yah know in those moments when you say okay, I’m just going to look to get an idea of the price to go to {insert location},
and then you’re like hmmm that’s high – I’m going to wait surely it’ll go down
……..but what if it goes up!? Maybe I should just book now…
Problem solved, Hopper takes the guess work out and determines when you should book and if the flight price will likely go up or down.
3. National Stripes Day. National Licorice Day?! Where do people come up with this stuff?!? Turns out there is an entire organization dedicated to this and the full list or calendar if you will can be found here. It all started with national popcorn day in 2013 and has snowballed (I wonder if there is a national snowball day??) from there.
4. Most people at this point have seen the mini series Big Little Lies on HBO staring Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman. I am loving it and am actually about half way through. But what I am especially loving is the music! The other day I went to find “River” by Leon Bridges, the song Chloe endearingly described as a great make-up song and found a full playlist! I have already downloaded the soundtrack from iTunes, but this list has ’em all!
5. Yasso, frozen greek yogurt popsicles. These are amazing. I have really been trying to reign in the sweets and these hit the spot without making me feel too guilty. I have tried the chocolate and mint chocolate chip and neither have disappointed. They are low cal and creamy which you would think is an oxymoron but I am telling you, coming from a sugar addict, these are great.

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