April Showers

I’ll be honest, I love a rainy day. I love all things cozy. The grey sky, cool air and need to be inside emits nothing but warm cozy feelings for me.

That being said, rain, you mess with my summer weekends and i’ll turn on you so fast!… For April, it’s appropriate and important. I was psyched to see it was raining and would be raining all week allowing me to break out my new rain coat!

I purchased this coat at M.Dumas’s in Charleston (Charleston weekend guide coming soon, I promise!). We spend quite a bit of time outdoors and on the water in the summer, where sudden rain storms can be frequent. It’s light weight and navy and white stripes will take me from spring through summer, rain or shine šŸ™‚

IMG_5747Rain Coat

Rain Coat | Shirt | Jeans

IMG_5746Rain Coat


IMG_5748Rain Coat
IMG_5750Rain Coat

IMG_5752Rain Coat

IMG_5753Rain Coat

IMG_5755Rain Coat

IMG_5758Rain Coat

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