Opening Day

Today is opening day at Fenway Park so I thought a baseball game outfit was appropriate. As many of you know, Fenway and the Red Sox are a huge part of Boston culture so this is a big day for many Bostonians. As a matter of fact, many offices today will be serving Fenway Franks (hot dogs) and Cracker Jacks to celebrate the day.

I lived in Fenway for many years. Opening day can be bittersweet for many Fenway residents. With it comes spring, energy, visitors, warmer weather, excitement but also crowds, crowds every where… tourists, noise, and smells. That said, I can’t wait to get to the park for my first game of the season in a few weeks and soak it all in; the good and the bad!

IMG_5728opening day

Top | Jeans | Loafers

IMG_5715opening day

IMG_5717opening day

IMG_5718opening dayIMG_5719opening day

IMG_5721opening day

IMG_5725opening day

IMG_5726opening day

IMG_5728opening day

IMG_5729opening day

IMG_5731opening day

IMG_5732opening day

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