Book Club: A Dog’s Purpose

This. Book. ❤ ❤ ❤

I have always been a huge animal lover. I grew up with a Wheaton Terrier and many other pets (hampsters, bunnies, cats, fish, a horse etc). However, getting my own dog as an adult, Hank, has taken me to the deep end when it comes to my love for animals especially dogs. This book captures the loving spirit and playful personality we all assume our pets have.

a dogs purpose

This is a quick read. I read it over vacation in Colorado with my family. I was literally laughing out loud on the first page. I have heard people say, “oh no, I can’t read that. It will be too sad.” Unfortunately the assumption with many dog books/movies is that because of their short lives it will end in sadness. I am here to tell you that in my opinion this is not the case with this book, but instead quite the opposite. Note: I am also a firm believer that The Notebook has a happy ending.

You see, I learned that the author developed the book after consoling his then girlfriend, now wife after the death of her beloved dog. His perspective is that dog’s come into our lives for a reason and their reason for existence is not fleeting with their life with us. I can’t help but assume this theory is 100% accurate, and for that reason, I am a HUGE fan of this book.

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