A Day at the Brewery

I recently spent a weekend in Portland, Maine with friends. We planned to hit up a few local breweries. As I have mentioned, weather in New England can be fickle this time of year. I wanted to be comfortable and warm. I picked up this oversized sweater with this weekend in mind and it was the perfect weight.

On a completely separate note, to whomever reads this silly little blog; if you can, make time to spend with your girlfriends. The girls I went away with this weekend have been my best friends since most of us were 10 years old (a few even younger then that!). So many laughs, so lunch love and support for one another, truly surrounding ourselves with so much good energy. Make the time, it’s important. Okay, rant over 🙂 love you girls!!!

IMG_5641brewery portland

Sweater | Sunnies (old but similar here)

I am so pale! Get this girl some vitamin D!

IMG_5642brewery portland

Leggings (sold out, similar here & here| Sneaks | Backpack

IMG_5644brewery portland

IMG_5646brewery portland

IMG_5651brewery portland

IMG_5652brewery portland

IMG_5654brewery portland

IMG_5655brewery portland

IMG_5657brewery portlandIMG_5659brewery portlandIMG_5661brewery portlandIMG_5662brewery portland
IMG_5666brewery portland

IMG_5669brewery portlandIMG_5670brewery portlandIMG_5671brewery portlandIMG_5675brewery portland

IMG_5677brewery portland

IMG_5680brewery portlandIMG_5681brewery portlandIMG_5682brewery portland

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