Decor Steals

Friends, I’d like to introduce you to, Decor Steals. I came across decor steals a few years back and have been addicted ever since. It is a unique shopping experience that allows you to purchase home decorating items at a fraction of their retail price. They offer a unique decorating piece every day. This is a collection of the pieces I have purchased and styled in my home.

Cotton Wreath


This cotton wreath hangs year round. I often will add bows or embellishments to make it more seasonal. 

This is one of the few emails that I allow to hit my main inbox every day (sometimes twice a day if a surprise deal is posted) and actually open and read! I love seeing how each piece it styled and you really cannot beat the prices.

Pedestal Terrarium’s

IMG_5602Decor Steals

How cute is this moss bunny?! I had my eye on it, and my mom surprised me with the little guy the other day. You have seen me use this pedestals with and without the glass.

IMG_5604Decor Steals

IMG_5606Decor Steals

I typically fill them seasonally. At christmas time I stack gold and silver balls in one and put a reindeer in the other. Other idea’s I have had include fresh/dried flowers, holly branches, easter eggs etc.


Boxwood Wreath Set

IMG_5614Decor Steals

This came as a set of 3. One large, one medium and one small. You may have noticed I used to small above on the pedestal.


IMG_5617Decor Steals

I added a few frames that I picked up at TJ Maxx to complete the space – although, it still needs something else if you ask me. Any ideas???

IMG_5618Decor Steals

IMG_5614Decor Steals

Metal Tray(s)

I have had these trays for years. I use them decoratively, as a platter when entertaining, as an organizational tray on my entry way table. Honestly, I could use and re-use these trays many ways in many places. One of the great things about decor steals is that they give you idea for how to style the pieces in multiple use cases.

IMG_5626Decor Steals

(Disregard the fact that the coffee table is not proportionate to the room or couch 😛 )

IMG_5624Decor Steals

Kitchen Sign

IMG_5628Decor Steals

Okay, I realize, or realized, that this sign is painfully literal after getting a text once I hung this saying “gee I wonder what room this is”… 😉

I blame my love for Fixer Upper and Joanna Gaines for the purchase of this sign, but I really think it makes the space more cozy.

IMG_5627Decor Steals

IMG_5629Decor Steals


IMG_5637Decor Steals

This is a gorgeous enamel wear piece, that I love using. Yes I have other colanders but this is consistently the first one I reach for. I love the color and the way a utilitarian piece can also be decorative.

IMG_5632Decor Steals

IMG_5635Decor Steals

And how cute is this Cynthia Rowley dish towel?! This exact one is out of stock but available on eBay. Other’s can be found on amazon.

IMG_5638Decor Steals

Happy shopping 🙂

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