Wine Club

Many of us have joined “Book Clubs”. However, the unspoken secret of book clubs is that few members actually read the book and for most it’s an excuse to drink wine. Totally fair! So why not just have a Wine Club. My friend came to me with this idea, so I thought I’d put a list to create your own!


Concept: Each week or Month, depending on the frequency your group chooses you select a wine type (Pinot Grigio, Sauv Blanc, Cabernet etc.) and each member brings a bottle of that type. Then do a blind taste test to learn new wines and what you like without the pretense of the price, region or label.

Some things to consider when creating your own wine club:

1.) Have labels or stickers available to cover anything on the bottle or label that would indicate price, region, flavor etc – the idea (and fun part) is to do a blind taste test.

2.) Encourage everyone to bring a notebook or have a few out on a coffee table to take notes on what you like and didn’t like.

3.) Add some snacks! Some nights you’ll have friends that will want to join but perhaps not indulge in wine. Wine Club themes don’t have to be type specific! Themes can include a certain geographic region, seasonal flavors (Summer night, anyone?!), Chocolates and Red, etc. The idea here is that the theme can incorporate more then just wine.

4.) Keep it simple! Roll out a paper table cloth that you can write on and toss at the end of the night! Pictured above they have chose to indicate wine type on the table cloth – but for the sake of our concept, perhaps writing wines 1-5 would be more fun and effective.

5.) Keep the guest list fluid. By that I mean, encourage friends to bring friends and colleagues. Use this as an opportunity to meet other people, include people who are new to town or the office. Side Note: I was invited to a Book Club when I first moved to San Francisco and can’t tell you how much it meant to be included in a girls night, after moving to a town I knew no one in!

Soooo who’s hosting first?!

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