Pretending it’s Spring

Well this week was a tease. This happens every year. The first week of March fakes us into thinking that Spring is arriving, and then bam, freezing cold again. I have decided to pass on this weekends bitter temps and am on my way to Charleston, SC for some southern hospitality. AND BONUS – cardigan and booties are on super sale!



Open Cardigan | Tank


Jeans | Booties

TIP: These are on sale on sole society, but only available in limited sizes. They are also available at Nordstrom in many sizes but not on sale. Good new is that Nordstrom will price match – may require a little extra leg work but Nordstrom has fantastic and responsive customer service so it shouldn’t be too difficult and so worth it, IMO.


Swinging into Spring!



I love a wedge, and these are no exception. These are extremely comfortable, easy to slide on and have held up really nicely for the price.


Outtakes with Hank!! ❤

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