Pink Lemonade Cake

Full disclosure, my mom is going to be very upset with me for this post. She is an amazing baker and scoffs whenever she see’s a can of frosting in my pantry. I am a decent baker. My mom has taught me a lot, but for now, cookies are what I am good at.


I am terrible at making frosting from scratch, so I don’t even attempt to. On this particular night though, I was making a lemon cake and wanted lemon frosting to go with it. A few things were getting in my way though:

1.) I was shopping at a city grocery store (which means small and limited inventory) and they didn’t carry lemon frosting, so I got vanilla. I figured perhaps I’d get lemon extract, add that and red dye to make it pink.

2.) We were celebrating galentine’s day on a week night and there is nothing worse then dry cake. That meant I needed to make the cake, let it cool and decorate it in the 1 hour I had between work and the girls arriving.

3.) The lemon extract was $7… I couldn’t come up with another need for lemon extract and in a weak moment bailed on the lemon frosting, figuring lemon cake was lemon-y enough :/

And then while the cake was cooling and I was dying the frosting I had a moment of clarity! I glanced over to my fruit bowl and though fresh lemon juice!

Pink Lemonade Cake

Duncan Hines Lemon Box Cake Mix – yes I am partially cheating, but again, weeknight…


1 can of Vanilla Frosting

1/2 freshly squeezed lemon juice 

1/2 pea size dollop of Red gel dye

Mix together with a stand mixer or hand mixer


TIP: Lay two sheets of wax paper that overlap onto the plate you wish to present your cake on. Once you’re finished decorating you can easily slide the wax paper out from under the cake and the cake plate will be clean!


I like occasion sprinkles, almost as much as I like glitter

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